Friends And Foe

Friends And Foe long poem

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Hey you, just a dot in the sky,
I know how big you are, there,
I know distance is the foe, you fear,
Divided by light years,
Trust me, diminished infinitesimally,
You look prettier.
We all have foes and friends,
At the hand of perspective,
Unwise and weird.
Now look at my fellows:
Those austere uncles, are politicians,
In search of gold mines!
Those sturdy folks are soldiers,
They save our life,
From the brothers, on the other sides.
As compared to you,
The Earth is tiny,
But Earthians got huge hearts,
So we divided it in plenty.
Gold, Silver, Copper…
Arranged all the elements, in order,
So that as we fight over dust,
Literally it looks better!
We fight over colour,
We fight over race,
Fighting is the sweetest of our taste.
Gotta go, gotta go,
There waits a fight;
I can’t spare,
Trying hard to fit in,
My burden to bear.
Will come another night
With more distant stories to share,
As you twinkle up there,
Watch us and learn;
Here, we tiny beings, come and go,
Repeating foolishness in a perpetual flow,
I suppose only to teach – eternal you-
Lessons about friend and foe.

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A pleasant thoughtful poem with good imagery.


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