Unseen Hand

Unseen Hand long poem

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Struggle in life I knew not
Childhood I spent like a prince
Youth I could enjoy to the Brim
Adulthood turned me to be Robin hood
I could scale the peak in my profession
I was the most Loved life partner she could have dreamt for
I was model parent to my brilliant children
I could amass name and fame and tons of wealth
I fulfilled all my commitments before I retired
I retired with feeling of pride and ego
Sky was just an inch far me to touch
Alarm Bell rang up at usual time
I got up from slumber to welcome a new day with fun and frolic
I could open my eyes but hardly could move my limbs
I felt my hands and legs frozen and could not move an inch
I tried to open my mouth and shout
buy I could neither do it
I realised I am now fully paralytic and dead wood .
Tears trickled and flooded like water from a leaked Dam
My life partner was busy in kitchen preparing morning coffee
With the cup of Hot coffee she knocked at my door
On seeing me static her hands trembled and hot coffee spilled over my body
I could not feel any discomfort but I knew my life is in shambles
I dreaded the impending chaos that could create in my hitherto rosy life
I could see my life partner collapsing on the floor trying to hold me
In one Go My entire life of fun and frolic vanished and I lay all alone breathing
without moving an inch while my life partner lay breathless and motionless
It took a split of a second to wipe out all the life long happiness and pride and drown me in utter misery

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Ramapriya Nr

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I am a retired Engineer from the Government of Karnataka and now 64 year old. post retirement I fancied to write in 3 languages namely English,Hindi and kannada. I have written several poems,short stories etc and have published two books namely ""Tri bhasha Kritigalu and Rampys vision on lifes mission and now it has become passion for me to continue writing. I have also developed several software computer programmes covering Technical,medical and general programmes
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Savi Mani

a wonderful poem yet again, yes in our prime of life, we feel good being able to achieve being a success in life and we think we have achieved all, we are at much better status and slowly a kind of self pride peeps in …but we dont realise that the unseen hand is hiding somewhere ready to pounce on us changing everything when it strikes our life……thats why its said “Health is the biggest wealth”……..a poem leaving the reader sad towards the end……


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