A Tiny Drop Of Tear

A Tiny Drop Of Tear long poem

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A tiny drop of tear
Washes away my fear
Enlightens my heart with hope
Encourages me towards the Lords’ rope
Eyes shedding the waters
Drops,tip top and the cheeks wet
Somewhere,in me,the pain rattles
I confuse people with this rain for sweat
Overloaded my delicate heart rhythms in eyes
Aside the curtains from mysteries in blue skies
Opening the knots of entangled ties
The broken woman in me rise!
My passions are on fire
My eyes are wet for good reason
In me, set in the rainy season
That tiny drop of tear
Just brings your memories near
Differentiating the colours of repent from helplessness
Understanding the synonyms of grief,sorrow and loss
Participating with lifes’ footsteps all with halfheartedness
I learned to stand strong again
Dying the painful death and then revived again
My friend,you,a tiny drop of tear
To me,you are my very dear
For infinite time lengths
There was a lot to share
It’s you to return my strengths
In solitude,you heal,you hear
you gift me the wet feeling
Like rainwater pouring over deserted dry lands
You gift me the sedative of sleeping
Like the exhausted farmer after dealing with the sands
Beautiful,my wet eyes for a tiny drop of tear
Let me weep ,weep once more
Sorrowful,my tender heart for a tiny drop of tear
Let it feel deep,deep once more

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Fatima Masood

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam university...am from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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Ramapriya Nr

A deep rooted philosophy ,emotion filled poem. The poet is sure to go places. hearty congrats Mam for a wonderful master piece in poetry. looking forward for more of such treats



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