My Beloved

My Beloved long poem

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She is dearly true to me
She has never betrayed me.
Keeps me always in her arms
Ensnared I am by her charms.

Whenever I am sad or downcast
Loses no time to embrace me fast.
Calms me down by her sweet looks
Brings my sagging spirits out of brooks.

Bewitching are her love skills
Hypnotize me to my heart-fills.
Grasping she hugs me so hard
Her kisses throw me off the guard.

Her love-making is revelling
Her foreplays are captivating,
I am completely in her snare
Makes me carefree by her stare.

Rare are blessed with such suitors
I am one blessed with such lover.
Keeps company never leaves alone
She is for me my love epitome.

Many a times she is on me
At other tosses me upon “She”
Our love-making goes on and on
Unmindful of the lookers on.

You are I presume feeling jealous
Of me to have beloved so lustrous!
Yes, I am blessed with an angel
Who loves; leaves me never single.

But hold on, do not feel such a grudge,
Making mistakes proving a bad judge.
She is none other than my own Conscience
Accompanying me from day one to the end.

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

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I am an educationist and have penned books in Education, Hindi and English literature. My Hindi novel "Shashwat Prem" is acclaimed by Hindi Academy, Delhi. A book of poems in Hindi published by Parvati Prakashan Indore. My books on Education are : Humour in Classroom, Human Resource Development in Education, Shkshan Kshetriya Manav Sansadhan Vikas and Microteaching. These days I am working on Spiritual Education Management Development.
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Nasim Salim

Rare are blessed with such suitors
I am one blessed with such lover.

well said <3


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