Last Wish Of The Prey

Last Wish Of The Prey prose poem

Photo by Yashna M

How exciting you are!

Like a bundle of light that has just discovered a keyhole

Keep sneaking…

Coating your words with delight

Thrusting them into my waiting ears

You see, It is quite dark in here,

In this ancient head of mine!

What kind of a wisdom would anyone expect from blind owls?

from this forest

where they threaten my face with fire

should I seek for truth

for any glimpse of light

Oh light…

Oh lust…

Enter my head, in peace.



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amal ibraheem

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Amal Ibrahim was Born in 1969, Iraq. graduated from college of science, University of Bagdad. a translator (simultaneous and consecutive), media person and poet. selected as executive manager for Alnoor Foundation for Culture and Media, coordinating many local and international events, supported by Goethe Institute she released the anthology of Eyes of Inana (women writers in Iraq) , many poems are published in local magazines and cultural pages including translated ones to English and german. recently dedicating efforts to spot the light on Iraqi young poets for a future project. first collection published in 2015 ( The backdoor of the day). Founder of site that is dedicated to translate Iraqi poetry to different languages and mainly English.
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