Who Is A Female?

Who Is A Female? short poem

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Who is a female?
A question that consistently ponders me.

Is she a mere piece of flesh and bone?
Is she a puppet to dance at the tunes of the males?
Is she the one to earn and make the family sustain?

Or is she a bundle of joy-
Born to nurture in the so called democratic world
Born merely to endeavor day and night
Born to bring smiles but not to cherish one for her self
Born to endure every pressure with open arms and smiling face
Born to take care of every parasite enjoying in the family
Born to cook delectable cuisines to satiate the hungry souls

If she is all in one
If she is a versatile genius
If she is deft in performing multifarious roles
If she is dexterous in garbing different subject positions
If she is the heart throb among the chauvinistic male fraternity
If she is the incarnation of the Gods and Goddesses
If she is a complete whole

Then why still
A female is a non-entity
Mere piece of furniture
Decked up with a hypocrite smile
Unable to exercise her own self
Falling short in not using her hard earned resources

I implore every individual to ponder over the following feminine concerns-
When will the revolution occur in the life of a female?
Who will bring the change for a female for the better?
When will this poor soul seek dignity in a male dominated society?
When can this beautiful creation live her life the way she wants to?

F- Fortunate
E- Elegant
M- Motherly

Let this impeccable beauty be blessed with bundle of Joy!

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Dr. Disha Khanna

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A PhD in American Literature, Dr Disha Khanna- The Diva! possesses 10 years of hands on experience in the field of teaching at the university level. Dr Khanna, a philosophical, fun loving and adventurous person is the content writer of school and college books. She has to her credit the translation of Hindi novel to English "The World Beyond the Motherland". Dr Khanna is the twice recipient of "The Best Researcher's Award" at LPU in the field of Arts & Languages. Currently, Dr Khanna is working as the Associate Professor at GNA University, and even the supervisor to many research scholars.
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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

Dr Disha

Read your poem. These thoughts trouble each woman’s mind these days. Sensitive ones express others tolerate. The basic problem is (excuse me) is with females. Reason: By nature she is introvert. Men are just opposite to her. It is the scheme of NATURE to keep both balanced. Maitreyi, Anusuya, Gargi: All were scholars but they never forgo their basic nature. Today the women have. That’ why the inner struggle. Your comments are welcome.
dr bhardwaj


FEamle is adorable, respectable and lovable forever especially in our Indian culture. You may read a poem in the same website hosted at: http://highonpoems.com/11953/english-poems/short-poem/feminine-divine.

Sadiya Abubakar

Nicely poured, truely said. Females should be loved, adorned and cherished by males but most of all, respected by all. She should be cared for, pitied, catered for and revered; that is why the first female was created from the ribs of a man. And on the other hand, she should be patient, dutiful and respectful; in that she can easily take control, in being controlled.

kirandeep kaur

Truely said mam ….i love this poem.we should have respect for womens in our heart.


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