Bitterness Of Luscious Words

Bitterness Of Luscious  Words long poem

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And there I was crawling
out of the wee hole down the earth,
tired by the faith darkness
and the humble warmth of the mother earth .

It is sultry rather very torrid out here ,
the frozen blood of the earth is boiling
by the constant poison fed by the children
for which we are suffering .

Oh ! wait you reader , I am keen to introduce myself ,
I colour in golden-brown ,
with a boneless naked physic
yes, I am a dirty snake .

I am not dirty ,
dirty be your obsolete senses
because you find the word ‘dirty’ as obscene
for my forked lingua be feared by yourself .

I came out of the old viscous hole ,
to quench my thirst with few drops of water .
The sun seems fired over the mast ,
and I skinned the torrid eyed atmosphere .

I plodded my boneless body ,
in search of demanding drops
though I was not wise enough
whether , I can quench my thirst or not .

I walked through my scales for a long time ,
and at last came near a pool ,
a sick pool of stagnant muddy water ,
which was enough pure to douse my thirst .

I saw a spider , deep in colour
working aside the pool ,
weaving his nest with his own saliva
which shone like threads of stitched stars .

And there came a fly ,
small as an impure dust ,
flying slowly , yawning in harmony ,
In search of soundless bed to nap about .

The spider was delighted to see his prey ,
he waved his skinny hands in affection ,
the sun shot its light o’er the web
and it glittered with delighted charm .

‘ohh! wait you fly , come inside my body
I would love you till you die
for love is the only peace
for a living transient body. ‘

The fly was delighted as she heard such words ,
dramatic moves she took .
My heart forespoke as it was wrong ,
as how can a web-master love a filthy body .

The fly danced in the air ,
and she came near the web ,
to wear the love jewels of glittery saliva ,
But alas ! she ducked herself on the web .

The spider was now delighted ,
as he rubbed his skinny hands ,
the fly got back too her senses ,
but now every sense was in vain .

My body trembled with a sudden fear
I did not see the fly till her last ,
I came back crawling to my own known place ,
and pushed myself back to the mother earth .

The black , dumb , wee hole
seems to be the heaven for me ,
though she could not quench my thirst ,
but she wont tear me , with her lifeless greedy affection .

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The best yoga of a day is reading a poem or a book .....A complete peace of mind and a refresher .... Things become easy when u have a complete mental peace .... Stop each and every work for 2 minutes , read a poem and i bet you will feel fresh all over again :)
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