Hello Pumpkin

Hello Pumpkin ballad

Photo by Free Flower

Hello Pumpkin.
My sweetest devoted country bumpkin.

You don’t half bring the sunshine when I feel like sleeping in a fridge.
Hello dearest Pumpkin in time you play the pleasant hoots from a pleasant piped piper making rats do comedy routines, serve titbits to my welcome charity.

We go to fun fairs and devour candy canes .
Tap dance down the stairs and this night is away.

When the good lord brings the hail.
You cover me with your pumpkin scale
You have the delicious still skin.

Shed with me upon cruel winters.
Blind those prying eyes at the turn of cruel summers.

We head to the messy flat and fly thought the door declaring “Hello possums”
Various volumes increase within velvet sheets.

Don’t need the Hollywood hussy clinching to my pelvis.
Your spark is what clears the fog

But the mystery grows further.
The excitement is beaming ear to ear.

Abide my pathways please light my way to persevere.
We’ll be bumping grinding and now here.

Hello Pumpkin.
May I be the headlight? May you be the deer?
My breaks are steadfast.

As is my punch line.
Do you see me now?

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Jack Kelly

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Scribing and thoughts of the lone wolf of North West London. Storyteller, Nonsense bellringer for the love of imagination and having a many a laugh.
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