Kissing Shadow

Kissing Shadow short poem

Uploaded by jorgina_farouk

Guise like an angel, cuts like a devil
Child-like, playful, so fickle as he tickle
Sleek, dark, cat-like eyes
Brows black as the chilly night
Cherry-picking lips, decadent smile
Little kitty, big bad leopard inside.
Breathe-like stance, scary but not airy
Sizzle, fizzle… one look and I’m in buzzle
Round and round, always going round-about
Pretty lil’ tease, an enigma to please
Steely glances, frost-bitten heart
Hard to follow, are your insides hollow?
Back to black, black to back
I wonder as you wander,
“Stealthy shadow, can your smile be borrowed?”
Devilish, cynical smirk
Daunting, haunting, leaving you wanting
Easy to catch, hard to catch
So much to express, only to impress
Teeny tiny, always gliding over me lil’ darkie?
Your eyes, gliding with mystique
Just when I thought that I had you as mine
Then like kissing a shadow,
You are gone.

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