Feels heavenly  to have

 your shadows on my soul,

   Imaging you in me…


Crappy reminiscent…

  Behold you so querulous,

pretending to be so apprehensive.

 But not actually, I chuckled  

Am hoping yon weird nights to recur,

Would feel again that mesmerizing

accent  getting whispered.

Am not appetent to be eminent,

  Just you know me, that’s  the adequacy.


 That each childish pretense

 seemed so adorable.   

    Even the way you scolded,

Felt the sort of pampering.


Someone else eyed you,

   Felt really eyesore. But

 if seldom got the same pair glancing at me,

  It felt like the most benign one.


Am not asking to endure lifelong,

But When I’m mentioned,

 A single blush on your cheek,

  would  be more than enough

To strive the rest of the plight .


Now, waiting desperately for the moment,

The most overwhelming,

When the portraits in your mind

 would be mine.

I moron,  pretended a lot to get over you

  But the freaky nostalgia killed perpetually.

Nevertheless , I’m baffled,

  Could the era be reformed ?

Or would I have to release myself

 from this insolent obsession ?


But feel glad to be in that silliness,

  Rather than today,

When solitary is the only fellow.

And enormously tragic,

  Years are leaping but

Dusks are too long to vanish…

After bearing a lot ,  Finally I got

It’s nothing  than the illusion.

  Then why the hell, heart is trying

hard  to be optimist in vain ???

 Closed eyes never let me to relieve,

And the open one makes me INSOMNIAC.

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