Our Witness- The Pole Star

Our Witness  The Pole Star long poem

Uploaded by Shälû Vïrk

The dusk seemed darker than ever,
A few stars twinkling here and there.
The Pole Star, fixed essentially,
giving assurance….
Things are not always as they seem to be.
Tossing and turning is the law of existence,
None remains untouched,
neither you, nor me!
I am the only constant that could be.
I see the sun rising to glory,
and silently melting into the sea!
I witness the moon, as splendid as it can be.
The stars, the clouds, the earth gazes longingly,
Will they have a chance to acquire what they see….
Then the time comes when the moon fades out,
Its grandeur brought to nothingness,
By the sun, the day’s almighty!
I’m the Pole star, your virtually fixed confidante;
guiding you as you traverse through galaxies myriad.
And I bear testimony.
That which rises, sure does have a fall,
Its days are numbered, however robust,
However powerful, it may be!
The fallen rise, too.
They must resurrect one day!
Winds of change blow and carry them up,
As they swirl, dance and kiss the sky.
Remember, you’re like a leaf.
Green, and atop a branch,
or bruised and dry from the warm winds.
I will be watching you, always
staring at you intently.
Sweep you off your feet, or take you up for a flight;
But you will see both the days,
This, I’ll make sure, I promise thee!
Rejoice, tonight’s the night before a new day.
Let me take you for a flight up in the sky.
The day you return to land,
I hope you have enough hands to hold you,
Enough hearts that you abide in,
And enough eyes waiting for you, with happy tears, longingly!

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