Beyond Their Virtue

Beyond Their Virtue short poem

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It was the day ,
when I saw
the marginalized attired brains
and the barbarity of the Indian society .

I was sitting on a seat ,
when he climbed up the bus ,
a young man , around his 20s
black beard and a soft smiling heart .

He was dressed well
black shirt and a blue denim,
a black sealed stiletto
with a 3-inch hill .

I heard people commenting
on his dress .
As he was wearing a stiletto
which was weird for the Indian maggot trend.

I grabbed my attention on
the black designs
drawn on his white nails ,
of his young pale fingers .

I heard the mob shouting at him ,
calling him undignified progeny ,
he too shouted to live
For his existence in the maggot society .

I couldn’t understand
why they were shouting
for how can they judge
the taste of a young progeny .

Eftsoon the bus stopped ,
he was thrown out of the bus ,
just because of his clothing style ,
which was naive for the ‘Indian art’.

The mob was again quiescent .
Every bit was a mere past for them ,
No one did try to think about the chap ,
who lost his poignant way .

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The best yoga of a day is reading a poem or a book .....A complete peace of mind and a refresher .... Things become easy when u have a complete mental peace .... Stop each and every work for 2 minutes , read a poem and i bet you will feel fresh all over again :)
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