Echoing Emotions.

Echoing Emotions. short poem

Photo by ahisgett

The ocean of emotions,
Are like the waves,
Kissing the shore,
With the tides returning,
To bring back the feelings,
Long lost and forgotten.

Rolling like the waves,
And dancing in sheer bliss,
As they overlap the other,
Rippling in and out of the vastness,
In the beaches of memory,
I drift with tides.

I see my reflection,
In the shimmering ripples,
Left by the foam and bubbles,
Feeling a love unknown,
In those unwritten words,
Of the crashing spray of water.

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4 Comments on "Echoing Emotions."

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Monali Longmailai

emotions, waves and reflections…. so well written, Ma’am!

Savi Mani

Dear Geetha @geetha_paniker oh wonderful poem on emotions, the feelings lying deep within the human heart, like the depth of the ocean and the waves representing the emotions, one emotion overlaps another, ……loved the line “In the beaches of memory, I drift with tides” ………beautiful poem on emotions which play/had played with our heart………..loved it


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