Enigma prose poem

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Life is a puzzle,
I am trying to solve…
A dark mystery,
On which,
I am trying to shed light upon…

As I struggle to solve this riddle,
I seek from the creator,
To place no fetters on my freedom,
Let me grow

As the world around me changes,
Like the leaves in the wild,
Turn brown from green
Basking in the yellow sunlight,
Dancing in the rains
Let me mature

Like the bees drawing nectar from the flowers,
A pair of mating butterflies
Exploring the garden’s colour,
Let me imbibe nature’s beauty,
Enjoying the fragrance of wet earth,
Like a meandering river in the hill,
Let me flow

Here lies a world in transition,
With no permanence,
In this growing society,
We need to adopt,
And adapt to changes,
O creator,
Let me take pleasure
In your creations,
In unbridled liberty
Let me live

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God's child. My parents are my inspiration. Nature has been my teacher. A self-learner who loves being in the wild, and enjoys the company of children and animals..Since I am blessed with a beautiful life, I love to share my happiness with others. Oscillate between extremes of being an introvert and extrovert. Solitude beckons. Silence is my strength. It calms me down but there are times when it drives me crazy...Passionate about teaching science and performing on stage (only English plays). Though I never pursued it. Love being on the radio...Child at heart...Materialistic pleasures don't intrigue me...
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

Your poem is very simple and sweet….mysterically attractive ….just like that of a spirit of a yogi .


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