Reflection long poem

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Eyes as bright as northern star
Smiling, trying to hide the deepest scar
A smile so pure and simple
As I drew nearer, could it be possible
I looked closer and found myself in horror
Was that me, the girl in the mirror?
Yes! I saw my own reflection
A girl withholding all the emotions.
I’m staring at myself in full bloom
But she stares back like a doomed
A cold glance drawing from the past
I thought happiness won’t end and last.

This story of my life isn’t unique
But have you ever tried walking on a stick?
I always thought life was just a piece of cake
But I find it hard to deal with someone who is fake.
I was once a casual girl and easygoing
And of course people find my character- very charming
I met a guy whom I thought attractive
But then he just wants my heart being captive
In his winter heart so cold, I can’t withstand it
So I breathe up for air, I fought before I would suffocate.

As I recall all the flashbacks of my past
I have realized this would be the last
Enough of being drowned to the forgotten cast
Don’t blame me for giving some guy’s mistrust.
I looked away as the reflections crowded on my emptiness
I closed my eyes as I have heard the screaming of regrets
I let myself drown in every drop of my tear
Trusting again is my greatest fear.

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I graduated high school at Dumaguete City High School, Calindagan Dumaguete City, Philippines. I took up Basic computer literacy last 2009. I love researching stuffs for my own good. I love reading novels and love making poems. I started making poems since I was 18 years old. I only make poems during my free time and during weekends. I love being alone and sometimes I love blended up with nature than ended srewing up with people around me who don't want to try to understand my personality. I have a very short memory of conversations and people around me. And I have the very worst sense of directions. Please visit this link for you to be sure about the information you are looking for. Thank you.
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