Song Of Freedom

Song Of Freedom short poem

Photo by Josef Grunig

Arms stretched high
Voice pitched high
Let me sing
Song of freedom

Tender shall be the song
As the petal of fresh rose
Fresh as the droplet of summer rain
Sharper it shall be
As the rains of winter sun
Stronger enough
To Pierce dark clouded sky

Many shall sing the song
Song of freedom
All in one voice
All in one tone

The little girl
Working with crackers
Shall raise her hand
Bruised and dusted
And sing loud
Song of freedom

Children galore
Throw their sacks
Filled with filth
And sing aloud
Song of freedom

That lady on the street side
Waiting alone in dark night
Her glittering attire shining the street
Shall throw her jewels
With her sight piercing the dark
Shall sing in choked voice
Song of freedom

That old lady
In her worn cloths
That man limping around
The other one, his eyes lost
Throw their bowls
And sing aloud
Song of freedom

All of them sing the song
Birds of all kind joining them
Blowing wind spreading it across
Sing high, sing high
The day so nigh
Song of freedom, song freedom

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Abhaya Diwakar

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For some, life is a search for truth. That's the struggle in their life. For me, I have found the truth. My struggle is to stand by it.
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