What Kind Of Freedom Is This

What Kind Of Freedom Is This long poem

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Our freedom began with the historic words
At the midnight when the world sleeps
India will awake
we did wake to freedom
It’s now the sixty ninth year of freedom
But what sort of freedom is this
A handful of those who have, rule the have nots
The nation belongs to all of us then why this discrimination
Lot many sleep hungry on the pavement on the road
While the chosen few sleep inside their immaculate abode

Why the rich grow richer and the poor suffers
Why there is no social security for the elders
Why truth still has to suffer, Why liars prosper

What sort of freedom is this,
have we ever asked our inner self
Are we not the contributor to this game
Are we not lured by the false worldly fame
Is it not true we were slaves of a different breed
Now we are ruled by our own people our own breed

Many years ago a man sacrificed his clothes, was called the Half-naked fakir
Sacrificing his own need very little clothes he wore
for the sake of his poor countrymen who couldn’t afford more
“be the change that you wish to see in the world” he quoted

Another super human, the missile man,
the People’s President breathed his last
He dreamt the young generation to take India to a new height
Unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us.
India should walk on her own shadow –
we must have our own development model
Were his famous quotes.

We need such dedication, such devotion
What we need is a total revolution
What we need is no discrimination
Our people need to rise above caste creed and religion
We need to uproot the roots of corruption

Till such time we rise above self
Till such time we think of the nation as a whole
True Freedom cannot be achieved
True Freedom cannot be achieved…….

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22 Comments on "What Kind Of Freedom Is This"

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Ramapriya Nr

Incredible ! A master piece !! This para is enough to show the creative skill of the poet lauret Savi ji. Hats off to your thoughts and poetic excellence. …

“We need such dedication, such devotion
What we need is a total revolution
What we need is no discrimination
Our people need to rise above caste creed and religion
We need to uproot the roots of corruption” ……..

Geetha Paniker

Wow! Beautiful Savi Mani.

ammu sachariah

Well written Savi. Very true ,our people should rise above caste creed and religion and the corruption also
should go off from the country.

Viswas Menon

good work @savi_mani…..keep it up….


With due respect to the poet, I beg to disagree. We have grown in almost all spheres of life. Our boys are holding the highest positions and ruling even in the US. However, what needs to be achieved is more. Let us adore our Freedom!


I do not dispute the views expressed by Mr.Mani. When there is half tumbler water, I feel it is half full while the other has same right to say it is half empty. Similarly this debate may not end. My honest view is let us rejoice what freedom we have got that only enables us to express freely like this. Thank you.

Vinaya Joseph

“It’s now the sixty sixth year of freedom”…Slight correction. We have enjoyed 68 years of freedom and this year are celebrating 69th Independence Day.

Vinaya Joseph

You don’t have to be apologetic but I hope this site gives you the option to edit your poems. So you can make the corrections as people would be reading your lines with keen interest. Waiting to read more lines and hope you share your thoughts with the rest of us.

Monali Longmailai

wow… what kind of freedom is this…. the best masterpiece in poetry i have ever read this year! you spoke simply our voice! awesome!

Ramapriya Nr

Now that Saviji’s poem is receiving unprecidental adulation and appreciation I feel I have full freedom to declare that her master piece “what kind of freedom it is” is the poem of the year and she undoubtedly the poet lauret of “High on poems”


Ma’am your poem is full of the truths that our society is facing. Following the mass we tend to get flowed on and on to see a day like today when discrimination, corruption has hollowed the pillar that our leaders had laid. They sacrificed everything and till there last breath they feared nothing. Even today our soldiers die for us but not let the flag to fall down. But inside there has been an immense increase of bad people of our same race. Yes, I agree ma’am “Are we not the contributor to this game
Are we not lured by the false worldly fame”. This poem is brilliant and excellent. It’s an inspirational and an awakening piece. Thank you ma’am for sharing it. Loved reading it and also I am awakened but sometimes our society forces me to sleep. So it’s a promise to be a part of the change to see the old sun with a new blaze. 🙂


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