Freedom Divine

Freedom Divine long poem

Uploaded by Zelam

Freedom is in the air,
Freedom is in thy care,
free the birds of emotions with love,
and see the freedom flow everywhere. .
This is the time which is divine,
Now no looking back and let’s not confine,

They say we grow older by time and age,
Just to find ourselves in some golden cage!
Time teaches and age destroys the game,
Then why on earth we bank on them!

It’s easy to laugh, to be happy and to care,
All you gotta do is smile and share,
Let the smiles go on miles,
See the magic of emotions flowing free in the air…

Let’s not hold ourselves now,
And let’s not give room to why and how?
Come and share what we hold in our hearts for so long,
Just speak up & express around,
We are never lost; it’s just like, that we were never found!

Once in a while that we get a golden chance,
Let’s not waste time and just enhance,
Let’s put the world aside and for god’s sake
It’s the time and let’s now decide…

The joy of giving is the best ever joy,
Scream out loud and let’s not be coy,
For once in a while we get this chance,
Live it up the magic and let’s deploy.

Heal the emotions before they dry,
Let’s bring on smiles and let’s not cry,
Come and let’s LIVE a fruitful life
At least before we DIE!!!

Give the life some more rays of hope,
Let’s think big and brighten the scope,
Unlock the darkness and lighten up the freedom,
Come, live the life and achieve the ultimate wisdom!!!

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Zelam Tambe

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I am a SIMPLE person, i believe in one thing-whatever comes your way.welcome it with a smiling face & in the first place ITSELF SO at the later stage, there is no room for any regret or complaints...WHEN YOU BEILIEVE THAT WHAT U DO IS TRUE- DO IT..
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