Season Of Departures

The sun seemed to lose its warmth and
The Clouds grey and white, were busy
Occupying places all over, adjusting
Themselves like a piece on a puzzle board.
A season, I tell you, it was a season of departures.
A time when sun’s warmth gave way to
Rain’s whispering madness
That’s when, in the room behind my thoughts,
My brothers were busy,
Geometrically arranging their baggage.
A season, I tell you, it was a season of departures.
A time when all the moments of joy gave way to
Frozen memories.
That’s when, I happened to step on a road
A road that took me to a land beyond the ocean
A season, I tell you, it was a season of departures.
A time when the ocean gave way to
The mountains.
The wet humid breeze gave way to
Cold piercing wind.
That’s when; I saw my soul walking towards you
Staring deep into your eyes
Willing to hold you back forever
Wishing every five-minute to freeze
Praying never to depart, but it was
A season, I tell you, it was a season of departures.

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