Liquid Embrace.

Liquid Embrace. short poem

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I love the feel of raindrops,
Fall on my face trickling down,
In a liquid embrace,
Gently wrapping me in.

I see the blinding lightning,
That lights up the sky,
With a thunderous clap,
Filling me with wonder.

It fills the reservoir of my heart,
Captivating my soul,
With a beautiful feeling,
When it pours down incessantly.

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7 Comments on "Liquid Embrace."

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ammu sachariah

Got the feeling of enjoying in the rain.

Savi Mani

Dear Geetha, how wonderfully written i could feel the ecstasy while reading the poem as if i am witnessing the incessant rain, you have woven the poem with such beautiful words……..who would not love nature who would not love rain….beautiful poem dear…….as always from you……

Viswas Menon

very nice penning of thoughts….keep it up Geetha…


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