Ode To Sausages

An Ode to Sausages

I cannot get my email messages
I sit here eating mash and sausages
I waited for my lunch to come
and now it’s done and in my tum.
This pub is by a lake with boats
I sat and made some mental notes
Of times gone by; my girl aged three
stood on a kitchen chair so she could see
‘Oh what a lovely lump of water ‘
cried my gleeful daughter
Loving the freedom as it gushed
from the tap and rushed
over the remains of breakfast
scrambling the waste
egg and toast
crumbs, a most
satisfying splash
and wash
‘Now hands that do dishes can be soft as your face’
Slow down; life’s not a race
Who needs a dishwasher? Feel the water
Enjoy those times with son or daughter.
Never mind those email messages
just keep eating mash and sausages.

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Mary Ricketts

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I was born in Hounslow, Middlesex, England into an upper working/lower middle class family in 1942. I now live in Northamptonshire, England and since I am a widow and retired, I depend on the university of the third age to frame my weekly activities. I have two grown up children but no grandchildren. I like reading, singing, country dancing,scrabble, mahjong, board games, knitting, strolling, pubs. I don't like housework and gardening very much. I am bipolar but helped by lithium. I also have acid reflux, a suspected heart murmur, possibly glaucoma too. That's all for now folks. I'll add to the list as I go along, so long as I can.
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Editorial Board

@mary_ricketts, enjoyable rhapsody a lively heart sings. In life, failure on some things could lead to other better things. “hands that wash the dishes. .”
yes, they make detergents now that softens the hands, car washing compounds you could use to clean your apples. I hate to see the day when they would make pesticides we could mix with our soup. But back to your poem, such humor, wholesome and spontaneous.

Savi Mani

Dear @mary_ricketts, read your poem and then read your profile then read the poem again……….how beautifully you have written ……..about life and how to count our blessings……yes life is to be lived every moment as it comes to us…liked the line “Enjoy those times with son or daughter” so true, those lovely moments may not come back again in life but the memories keep us going……lovely poem


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