A Walk Along The Tides

I walked beside her on the breezy beach,
the waves came in a perfect rythm and steadily subsided below our feet.
Her black curls fluttered in the serene winds,
probing her to tuck them behind her modest ears.
She held her sandals in one hand,
while the other oscillated to and fro.
She followed her gait,
while I matched hers.
I looked in her tantalising eyes,
which spoke quite more than her lips.
I wish I could listen to them,
but only if I hadn’t been lost in them.
I cursed my heart, warned it of the muddle it was jumping into.
But it was too naive to hear me,
for she was someone it had always longed to listen.
A thousand people walked by,
but I still heard my heart thunder into beats,
my lungs whisper and breathe,
and the ripples caused by my trodding feet.
Our arms brushed gently against each other,
like the kiss of wind, I felt what goosebumps actually meant.
I could only imagine how stupid the heaven would have felt,
sending its most priced-possession away to dwell.
She spoke a distinct language,
where words sound more like melodies,
and even the harshest criticism seem like a sweet parody.
And then she put forth a generous truth,
that she belonged to someone she loved dearly.
Vaccum. That’s what filled my mind and my world around.
The tides rocked the shore like it would never before.
We walked out different paths henceforth,
But life played its cruel tricks,
and I walked along the breezy beach again,
this time, with heaven itself

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Ashwin Nair

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Words have a language. But poems speak through memories and if you relate to them, it's the writer's greatest achievement. Sit back and take the words like a cup of coffee. Thanks for reading :)
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