No Art To Forgive

No Art To Forgive short poem

A flaw I discovered in self,
But never made any amend,
Then why can’t I bring to forgive?
A blemish I found in a friend.

Who am I but a lesser mortal?
I too flounder to hold my self,
I fall I arise I make I break,
I am lost and I too need help.

Who am I but a devious mind?
I too greed for worldly delights,
I scam I plan I desire I demand,
I too need to quell my fights.

Who am I but a shallow soul?
I too wander away from ethics,
I love I hate I reason I debate,
I create a chaos I need to fix.

Forgiveness is a blatant virtue,
We all have within us.
One soul stirring moment,
And it’s evident without fuss!

So, I bow down on my knees,
Seek forgiveness from the Divine,
Sow in me a heart that forgives,
Move me from darkness to sunshine!

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Charu Gulati

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A quote to describe most of me : I am STRONG because I am WEAK I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my FLAWS I am a LOVER because I am a FIGHTER I am FEARLESS because I have been AFRAID I am WISE because I have been FOOLISH ....And..... I can LAUGH because I have known SADNESS !
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Editorial Board

Some soul-searching, or self-chastisement. But you have indirectly touched on the quintessence of human nature, its flaws and inconsistencies. That’s real life captured in rhymes, worthy poem.

Reagan Latumbo

@CharuGulati it’s not hard to forgive but it’s hard to forget. Just let go of the past and forgive others! It was a great poem! I enjoyed reading!


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