A Unicorn

A Unicorn prose poem

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Somewhere along the dark shades of trees
I could feel someone’s waiting for me
A creepy feeling I couldn’t hide
A spell telling me not to hide.

A second thought I set aside
As I wandered through the night
I froze and turn cold as ice
I saw something, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Oh, what is that?
A Unicorn!
It’s the first time I saw a horse with a horn!
Is it a dream or a reality?
But wait, I could feel its eyes looking straight at me.

Eyes so friendly and so deceiving
And I couldn’t help myself from believing
As its body glowed in the pale moonlight
It vanished like a dashing light.

I rubbed my eyes and start to blink
Where is it now, I start to think
Now it’s gone, I could feel loneliness
And found myself drag into unconsciousness.

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Verliza Gajeles

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I graduated high school at Dumaguete City High School, Calindagan Dumaguete City, Philippines. I took up Basic computer literacy last 2009. I love researching stuffs for my own good. I love reading novels and love making poems. I started making poems since I was 18 years old. I only make poems during my free time and during weekends. I love being alone and sometimes I love blended up with nature than ended srewing up with people around me who don't want to try to understand my personality. I have a very short memory of conversations and people around me. And I have the very worst sense of directions. Please visit this link for you to be sure about the information you are looking for. Thank you.https://www.facebook.com/miszxchillprincess.VerlizaGajeles
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Editorial Board

@verliza_gajeles_chill_princess, you started with a rhymed quatrain, then lapsed into free verse. No matter, the thought is worth enough the mechanics. It’s fantasy you decided to delve on. Only those with rich imagination could do that. But you fainted after the apparition of this mystical creature, born out of the pages of mythology. Nice exercise for your poetic pen. Write some more.

Savi Mani

Dear @verliza_gajeles_chill_princess….oh so beautiful…….as i went on reading the poem…you took me to the world of fairy tales…….a world of fantasy and then towards the end was surprising too…….loved your beautiful fantasy of a poem…..looking forward to read more from you……..



Unicorn ode

it only has one horn which is why it’s called a unicorn if it had two horns it would be called a twonicorn the purpose of a unicorn is to provide a ride for a beautiful naked lady- usually a