Times Are Changing

Happy women’s day!
Are the women really happy?
What is happiness anyway?
This is the story of a nice girl.

She is a good student,
Docile daughter,
Protected by male members
Of her concerned family

Chaperoned everywhere she goes
Is told what to wear
How to Behave, whom to talk to
What kind of friends to make

She is married off to a suitable boy
Educated, rich and successful,
He may be, but that’s all
He is no prize, otherwise

His work pressures may necessitate,
His bashing her up from time to time
He needs an outlet to vent, let off steam
After all, he’s in a high-powered job

She won’t understand
Because she wasn’t given a chance to
She wasn’t allowed to work
After marriage into an affluent family

Her outstanding degrees gather dust
In the attic
Along with his mediocre diplomas
Paid for by daddy’s money.

A cut lip, bruised face
Barely discernible limp
Are overlooked by all
Her family included

For the greatest fear and shame for all
Is a married woman
Back at her parents’ house,
Disgraced and humiliated

She’s pushed back into
The coward’s den
(I refuse to call him a lion)
He who raises his hand at a woman
Is not a ‘Man’
He’s a sorry excuse
For a human being

The shackles are loosening
From the ankles and minds
The attics are aired
The degrees dusted

She is coming out
Of the shadows
Out into the light
Shining with pride

I want to wish all my sisters
A Happy Women’s Day
And that day is coming
I can see the change…

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Writer, dreamer, crystal and angel healer and an avid student of life - loves her family, and will always adore her recently departed Dalmatian, Sparky.Tea drinker, sees good in people, tries not to hurt others, oversensitive and impulsive, laughs loudly, walks briskly and believes in magic and Karma.
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