Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions short poem

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I am left dangling between
Conformity and Freedom

What do I choose from?

The Damocles sword or the Carrot?
Cognition or Intuition?
Accordance or Independence?

What do I chose from?

Existence or Living?
Submission or Expression?
Precision or Exaggeration?
Fear or Love?

What do I choose from?

Mind or Soul?
Blame or Choices?
Calculation or Co-habitation?

What do I choose from?

Suffocation or Masturbation?
Predictability or Spontaneity?
Worship or Humility?

I am left wondering between
The Devil and the Deep blue sea

What do I choose from?

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A little about me needs some thinking am I a writer? an artist? I'm also good at singing I love the stage Don't think I look my age maybe I'm a trainer or a poet? but don't worry I am on it. :-).
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Michael Brisdon Bornn

I don’t know what you should choose from. Just know that your list is impeccable. Felt the resonation of your words on the strings of my own anguish instrument.


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