Shed The Mood Blue

Shed The Mood Blue short poem

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Shed the mood Blue
Open your heart, feel the world which seems so new
Things may not change,
Many angels or demons will stay down the memory lane,
Perspective and change in attitude is the clue,
Shed the mood Blue.
Time may seem stagnant,
Pain may not reside.
Put on your dancing shoes,
For the tunes of thunderstorms and dark cloudy rains,
As sooner or later sun is gonna shine high and bright,
Welcoming you with the rainbow, to fill the canvas of life.
Prepare for the Day, while you still have time,
Just change the lens, adopt a shift in view
Shed the mood Blue.
Life is a show with many twists,
Warm loveable sunshine, to dark scary mists.
No one gets out alive,
No matter what one did.
So why not laugh, looking at the face of difficult times
While one takes the walk through-
There are many colors to life,
So why just stick to Blue.
Sing the song, while music is still alive,
Just Shed the mood Blue.

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Prachi Shrivastava

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I understand myself as a creative person, who has zeal to live, no matter what comes down the way. Research fellow by profession in the field of Human Development and Family Studies, loves to write, dance, read, travel and explore life, culture and food. Loves to be with nature and tries to find happiness and spark in every bit and pieces of life. Motto: " Don't mere survive, live and celebrate the event called LIFE"
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