Too Good To Be True

As the days go by, the sun rises & sets to choices & decisions are filled in our voices

We look forward & we look back at our visions of our success & remorses

We plan, pray & hope God’s graces always finds us along our courses.

Another day, another chance we are told, It seems at times this is too good to be true.

The past still weighs down on our minds, the heart is hardened due to being experience’s fool.

I still love, I still laugh, I cant help the joy inside of me

It’s like we can’t shake the pain off, but for that moment we dance in the sunbeams.

How can one be cruel to one another & abuse everything around us?

All we are & all we do is part of the same, our beginnings from a particle of dust.

The mystery, so hard to believe, is it all to good to be true….?

The perfection in the beauty we expect, the reflection in the color of the starry sky being blue.

The flowers & trees are alive as we live just under a different frequency

The love attention & Grace too, Stands tall in the wind screaming “look at me”

We breathe, they breathe- Inside out, They help us & we need them to be

All together we grow, the weeds & the Creme de la Creme

Are you sure, I am sure. The bad living as the good. No boundaries. It seems too good to be true.

That is because the choices we make determines who is who & there are very few

Who choose to be good, while most do what they will.

Simply because they can, “Who’s watching? No one can stop my thrill”

Within treachery thrives, frowns make them smile from suffering of others

“I am who I am, I will do what I want” is what the weeds prefer.

In a world full of mystique & wonders, How can you believe this, this is most certainly too good to be true

To live in a place of what we eat, wear & see is all part of us too.

The genius cycle as time flows, the waters glow we should know who

We are in truth, not to count our blessings in others’ loss & gain.

Our cycles are built of our choices past & present forecasting our future to obtain.

Vibes, Energy is just like electricity sparkling invisibly forming emotions mentally far & away we sentence ourselves on Judgement day…

You have your own will, do what you do, as it seems it’s probably too good to be true.

Love is honorable, just like electricity it flows except it’s never too much Like life, it’s Confusing but never too good to be you.

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Seraiah Naomi Israel

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Born In Corona Queens New york, in Laquadia Hospital. Raised in Jamaica, Queens between Bronx Ny & Williams/Walterboro Sc.I Now Enjoy the wonderful Lifestyle of Charleston South Carolina.
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Varrie Godwin

Love it!!!! Keep Writing


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