Sense Of Freedom

Sense  Of Freedom ballad

Uploaded by Roseline

In the morning, nothing:
every trace of him effaced,
all the field pure white,
its surface glittering,
the dawn, glancing from its glaze,
oblique, relentless, unadorned.

It is the silver jubilee year
Of a wedding knot tied
On a September day
The day was so cloudy
But it rained only by night

Remember walking up the aisle
At an alter I kneeled
In submission to the God
And the partner beside me
For that’s the way I was taught.
Young , Not exposed
To the ways of the world
Brought up cloistered strictly
The rules were set
To observe

Twenty five years gone
Children reared, now on their own
Through highs and through lows
Life went by year after year
Now smooth landing without a jerk
It was work well done

I welcome this new beginning
I welcome the glazing dawn
This day is as beautiful
As twenty five years ago
But on this day I am alone
Stuck in doubt in a different land

What I miss most is my youth
But now when I look back
A rare feeling of achievement
Passed through my self soon

Youth was burdened
Tears and sigh
Frustrations of being chained with hurdles
Lost the me in me

Today I stand free
To choose what I want
The love that I shared
For the years I have cared

Now I have what I need
Freedom of my soul
The benefit of experience
With exposure to hardships
The good and bad
The sharpness of mind
The learnings with time
now on my side

Freedom and independence
Two sides of a coin
The coin, I happily tossed
To celebrate my wedding
Silver jubilee year.
It didn’t matter
I was alone

I was in my high
Celebrating life
Counting blessings
Looking forward to coming years
Now free to do what I wish
Life if broken into parts
Would be in such order
Gaining, Governing…Giving
To love and give
In return for freedom

Freedom as I age
Being free to decide
The path of my future
Is greatest gift of them all
Never mind if I had it late!
I worked towards the gate
The gate of freedom at large

Ha, here I am all charged
Exploring and seeking.
More confident than early years
Still learning and growing

I feel free

To nurture the child in me
The inner longings of my heart
To live the way I want
In tune with nature divine
MY steps so light
For I have set my mind free
But I draw my own boundaries
And don’t let others to draw for me
I fly in all directions

Wandering and returning
At peace with my surroundings
My control is so powerful
As I look within for strength
Each day now
I wake into freedom!!
And walk free
But not alone

Jubilee greetings from my dear ones
Comes across from the other shore
I smile
A Monalisa smile

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