Inside my domain every-one’s there
Within my brain thoughts are there
Flow of past and present is revolving
Circulations of thinking driving me crazy

Days are passing with same searching incidents
Birthdays leaving us reminiscence of events
As more and more life’s nearer to destination
Higher and higher are the expectations for destiny

Each new-year, new resolutions made
Everyone wants change of something
Others talking about leading prosperous paths
But few are there who find success

In the room full of different humans
In the limited space with different conclusions
For me, I’m lost in the wider identification
For feeling oneself alone in the massive inclination

Many may approve some may not like
You’re alone within your own self.

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13 Comments on "Alone"

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Mary Ricketts

I liked the emphasis on the isolation felt in the midst of business.


Alone in the crowd, wonderful Idea. Life’s philosophy brilliantly expressed in poetic language. I loved it!

Savi Mani

A wonderful thought provoking poem, yes dear @Jyoti_Sharma i fully agree with you deep within ourselves we are alone …..just loved the last two lines “Many may approve some may not like
You’re alone within your own self”

ammu sachariah

True. We have to accept the fact that we are alone within our own self.

asoke kumar mitra

good write. yes, every human is alone inside.

Deovarat Sharma

Beautiful write.. love to read


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