Random Musings

Random Musings short poem

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Something lies dead here.
Something, that until yesterday
Was the source of all Beauty,
Whose warmth dimmed
Every shadow of loss
And sedated pain.

What it was, I cannot say-
Perhaps it was love,
Or an idea or a belief
Or just a figment of the mind-

Its absence evokes neither regret nor hate;
Nor does it remind
Of past sunny days,
An absolute presence
Is now a numb Absence.

Ah, clouds gather in the sky again,
On barren ground falls the rain,
Amidst a blurry turbulence
Thunder crashes upon
The rainbow of illusions-

Fortune and Fate indulge
In a game of knight ‘n pawn-
While live puppets lie in ambush
Waiting for dawn.

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Nirojita Guha

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Research Scholar, Banaras Hindu University. I believe poetry is not just a web of words, it is the Language and Expression of the soul.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Motivating in a subtle yet powerful way.


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