Let Freedom Ring From Extremity To Extremity

Let Freedom Ring From Extremity To Extremity long poem

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Let Freedom Ring from Extremity to Extremity.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
The only word in the dictionary
of liberty,
water that nourishes the
tree of liberty,
Chlorophyll in every green plant,
the photosynthesis of life.

Freedom millions had sought and
died for,
freedom-conventional armies and
guerrilla fighters in trenches
are still defending and fighting for
to this day;
freedom the only vehicle of liberty,
staff of justice, instrument of
fairness, and perfect scale of

Freedom- the legal tender
in a free society,
passport to unlimited
privileges in a free world;
neither money nor gold
can buy,
rather through shed blood,
struggle, broken limbs,
incarceration, and persecution,
man enthrones freedom-
unperishable inheritance for
generation after generation.

Freedom- the desire of every
living soul,
popular and commonly
used term in everyday
yet difficult to come by,
just as millions are denied, or
fraudulently handed DEEFORM.

Freedom every society desires
more than gold, silver, and
even, more than any
precious stone;
the voice that sustains
contractual agreement between
government and the governed
in every society of homo sapiens.

Cornerstone for development,
foundation for peace, equality, and
fairness in every geographical
territory of humankind;
glue for social cohesion,
cord that connects society’s
three main elements: politics,
religion, and commerce with man
as the driving force.

By means of freedom,
man exercises inalienable rights,
through freedom man makes choices,
in the presence of freedom
change becomes very easy, and
where freedom reigns man
becomes easy to manage and
to govern.

By means of freedom,
tyranny is defeated,
through freedom iron rule and
oppression are humbled;
with freedom-man is liberated
from philistinism and
sciolism to a competent social
who brings environment-
under control to his benefit.

Freedom-a problem solving
social and mathematical formula
has proven to the world-
it has neither substitute
nor sibling;
freedom has shown-
a day in its courtyard-
is worth more than
a thousand-year-opulence
in slavery.

Freedom-do people need
and cherish you?
Certainly they do!
Freedom-are you a necessity?
Of course, you are.

Wherever you are,
people shall seek you out
to working in your garden,
whatever-it takes to found you-
for certainty, humankind will endure
the search-
to engaging in a noble duty of
watering Seven SEEDS of FREEDOM:
Fight (for your)
Demand (but)

Freedom in your grove
humans will build their tents,
in your orchard will
people collectively say:
“Give me liberty (freedom), or
Give me death!”

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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Viswas Menon

nice…well written



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