I Am Free

I Am Free prose poem

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Through the perils of human bondage,
through the strife of life’s journey,
Entrapped and enmeshed
in the tangled web of human existence,
I scream at the top of my lungs-

Walking the path of life
Embedded with joy and love,
through the drudgery and pain,
with trust and faltering hope,
amidst myriad sentiments-
I reiterate to one and all,

Statements are made to convince oneself,
About inherent traits that exist in you and me;
We forget that Natural spontaneity,
Depicts the way we define ourselves,
how the world perceives you and me.
So, as I whisper the phrase to myself many times,
perhaps it’s a dream begging for reality,
or is it just a mockery from afar,

When I act and express
Fight and desist,
Rebel and surrender
Demand and plead
when it’s all about ‘I’ and ‘Me’,
I’m lost in the maze of
Heart and mind games
my own mindful treachery.

So I decide to create an awakening,
Where anger and jealousy,
Hatred and fear, Pride and vanity,
Unobtrusively creep out
Clearing the fog, now the heart finds clarity,
When the ‘I’ becomes ‘We’, and the ‘My’ becomes ‘Us’,
When everyone else is a priority,
Devoid of ego, Of course I realize,
Life is beautiful; as now inevitably-

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2 Comments on "I Am Free"

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Nadeem Qazilbash

True emancipation comes when we let go of our prejudices, our egos and our tribes, our parochialism.

Viswas Menon

nice work


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