Came The Moths

Came The Moths long poem

Photo by Gord Bell

The moths came in pitch darkness of that night
towards the flickering flame of the candle I lit to cry all night
to relive, from pain of stings inflicted by thousands of wasps,
the yellow banded ones, wild and ferocious,
the ones with jealousy in their mind, greed filled in their venom
the ones which are the epitome of vengeance
with all their rage crushed my self and honour to fulfil their selfish goals.

Came moths the somber coloured ones
attracted to light burning each part of their
body, the ones that kissed milky white
jasmine blooms of the bower in my garden just a while.

I cried my fill, oh’ will I get relief, my mind ?
the pain is so deep, the wound so vulnerable, take long time to heal.

Cry! cry! banging your head against the brick wall till it breaks
and flakes of mortar fall on the floor.

Came moths the fragile bodied ones which sipped nectar
of wild night blossoms of unknown plants,
kissed the dancing flame of the candle and doused it,
sacrificed their life, only charred remains left.

I was left alone in stark darkness of that night, mumbling ………….all alone.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

Unfortunately, the greed and jealousy, can be contained by instilling fear, but the innocent majority is unable to instill fear among the powerful minority.


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