Who’s The Best

Whos The Best prose poem

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Again I’ve been listening to people boast, you can’t miss it cause it’s on T.V. radio and now coast to coast. More and more people with their chests stuck out, bragging I am the best all for me and to Hell with the rest. They laugh about it like it’s a joke while around their necks they are placing a very heavy yoke. For running the world is a tremendous task, I don’t think none of us is ready, you will have to be a true King and not a bit petty.

I use to hear, what can I do for you or what do you need? Now it’s what can you do for me it’s become all about greed. We all have an emptiness inside, that needs to be filled, we try money, sex and drugs to reach a state of bliss, like a shot in the dark we all miss. So we become miserable and try to make people see things our way, while thinking it’s funny when we screw up someone’s day. I hear the truth will set you free, well here’s the truth, Misery, really does love company.

Because from God people are getting further away and becoming worse ever day. They are becoming very bold while their hearts are turning ice cold. So I looked to The Father and while giving Him praise, I asked, Heavenly father are we really living in the last days. And this came to me, read your Bible it’s all in prophecy. They shall take God’s ways and hang them on the shelf, 2Tim.3. For people shall become lovers of their own selves.

Covetous, Boasters and Proud to name a few, just some of the ways that people will ensue. But don’t lose heart the Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody, here come The True King. Like none we’ve ever seen, he was here before the world began and came to Earth to take away all our sin. Now it might look like the battle has been lost, Absolutely Not, The battle was won when He was nailed to the cross. Read your Bible it’s the source, it’s been all worked out, just hang in there and let it run it’s course.

So for all you high and mighty, who think you are so hard, you’re about to meet The King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords. No bragging, no boasting, you shall stand in awe with the rest, where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Now Who’s The Best? He was here and He shall return to sit on the throne of the Earth, there’s on reason to be concerned. We shall live forever and forever be free. no more stress or living in poverty. For we shall be in the hands of The father, God almighty…

Hark, The Angels are about to sing, heads up every body cause here come The King….

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I once was walking in the dark , I thought I was living the life. Thank goodness for Rehab. They started to set thing right, It was there I found The Lord and and saw the Light. Now these poems I started to see and hear. When they come in sight I write. Thank You LORD. Now all the other, the past is, how they put it. Just water under the bridge. GONE. Never to return. Now I am Just a laid back kind of guy, Who's about to spread his wings and fly away to a brighter day.
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