Freedom? short poem

Uploaded by Carmen Shantipriya

our wings grow from the heart but stop on the neck
suffocating us
we bury the feelings deep in the arteries until the blood
has no room to move
we spit like the husks of seeds only words that are allowed
to be heard
then we wipe the lips, loathe of the fear that keeps us
prisoners of pretense.
the most secret desires hide even from our thoughts
not to be remembered
the dreams get lost in the blind void beneath the eyelids
like autumn leaves strayed of alleys
the hopes are killed in the bud before being baptized
in the heartbeat’s wave
on thinking and free will have been imposed as a garment
just the conveniences’ burqa
following an obscure path illuminated only by the draconian light
of the punitive eyes
you are taught that this is freedom, but you find out too late
that it was just the freedom of losing you from yourself.

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8 Comments on "Freedom?"

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Nadeem Qazilbash

It would have been funny if it were not so sad. Our freedom!!

Viswas Menon

nice work


this is really good!

Editorial Board

@carmenshantipriya_nanu Congratulations for your winning entry in the Freedom Fest campaign for the best poem on Women’s Emancipation! This is a category special to our hearts and so relevant in The India of today where most women are still seen and not heard, sometimes not even that. And this poem truly captures the helplessness of the caged bird who has very little choice but to just be, when will she be truly free? The metaphors used are so apt and beautiful..This one is for all the women!

Geetha Paniker

Wow! Congrats!



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