Voices Within

Voices Within short poem

Photo by xJason.Rogersx

If emotions were sounds,

And feelings could be heard,

What would be the loudest?

And would some be unheard?

Huff-puff, rattle, grunts and slurs!

Would we just hear random noises?

Whistles, whispers, shouts and roars!

Or beautifully harmonizing inner voices?

Would being free of emotion

Be silence; therapeutic?

Would that be liberation?

Or would we miss the music?

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Divya Menon

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I write about anything that makes me think. I write to express. Yet i write for myself! This poem about the clouds was written while i was soaring above them on my way to The Netherlands.
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Geetha Paniker

Voices within can be whispers or murmurs…..beautifully penned.

Savi Mani

very beautifully penned…..the inner voices……if they had a sound…….the world would have been a better place…….yet there is no harm in taking a journey within ourselves and hear to the voices what they say………what they want to convey……..lovely poem

Viswas Menon

wonderful writing…



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