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I wish to be a river.
Why do you laugh?
I’m not joking,
I really want to be a river
Just because
River is not only a river.
River is civilization.
River is culture.
River is humanity.
River is divinity.
River is life of lives.
River is continuous attempt.
River is journey to progress.
River is never ending roar.
River is endless silence.
That’s why river is called ‘mother’.
That’s why river is worshiped.
‘Namami devi Narmade’.
Rivers live for humans
But humans pollute it until they die.

I wish to
Live and die for others.
Bless mother earth with forests.
Finish the thrust.
Regenerate my energy
again and again.
That’s why I wish to be a river.

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Sanjiv Verma 'salil'

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civil engineer, poet, editor, activist,critic, social reformer, philetalist, tourist.mixture of good & bad, thoda bhagvan thoda shitan, thoda dana thoda naadan yanee insaan.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

I wish I would be a river in my next birth, hoping that all humans would be born with more respect for rivers next time!

Ayndrilla Ghosh

Indeed a river is not a mere river.. it is a home to many species known and unknown and along with that is a testimony to generations of history and much more. Really thought provoking.

Savi Mani

a wonderful poem on why the poet wants to wishes to be a river….no none would laugh on you, in fact it is the wish of each poetic heart………i would also love to be a river cause in addition to all those you said, i love to be a river cause it has a free flow, it flows on its own , and towards the end mingles with the sea…….and ends its entity…….आत्मा का परमात्मा से मिलन …wonderful poem………….thanx for sharing

Viswas Menon

well written …

Mary Ricketts

I liked the rhythm of this poem. You could feel the river tugging him along from underneath as he writes.


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