Of Secrets

Of Secrets short poem

Let’s make a pact today.
When you walk along my side again
Don’t ask me about what’s stowed away.
Dismiss all doubts about what you see no more,
And when I stumble upon what you’ve been covering up all along,
I’ll ignore.

Burial is no task of course,
It takes only a shove into the deep.
Keeping it in there is what demands my all.
Snubbing the slightest stir
forever beneath my skin, behind that tattered wall.

Every single reminder of every regret ever,
Every single memory of what should not have been.
You probably wouldn’t know, or maybe you will,
Ask me what it takes to breathe
while it lives within.

So let’s please make this pact, I say.
My cowardice, after all, asks much more of me,
Than your courage could ever take away.

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2 Comments on "Of Secrets"

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Editorial Board

Wonderful writing @s-j, so honest and straightforward, such a pleasure to read and review!

Chandrama Deshmukh

Such profound thoughts!
I can sense your understanding of life through this verse.
It gives me a new perspective. You have your way with words.
Please please please write more 🙂


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