Which Way Did Liberty Go?

Which Way Did Liberty Go? prose poem

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The flag unfurled, and from within, fresh rose petals
Jauntily floated down like gently melting snow flakes.
Soon, even the smell of freedom dissipated, losing its
Way into the winding lanes and by lanes of our lives.

Tell me, which way did heady exhilarating liberty go?
Did we strive for emancipation only in a small measure?
To celebrate it annually, to mock and deride its facade?
It did not embrace all those on the periphery and fringes.

Hollow, arrogant words, more fictitious, feigned and fake.
Caged, constricted and confined in a few powerful fists
Unable to connect its intent, through illusory barricades
When one treads a path outside the given paradigm

Intolerant of human variances, how can we be free?
As we continue to sow, breed and bequeath hatred?
How can we perceive liberty when neither are our
Minds free to think, nor are our tongues unlocked?

Swirling restlessly, liberty is knocking on entrances,
Her chaste appeal is greeted by a curtain of silence.
“I want to live”, she implores the fragmented minds,
And to lift her veil, to accommodate the spirit of all.

She is reborn in the radiating beams of each new dawn.
In the eyes of nascent children, she is the wondrous hope.
She renews herself in the breath of daring young dreams.
She resides in the hearts of all those who hunger for it.

She lives in windy passes, between lofty mountains,
Where no one human being steals it from another,
Tied as they are by bonds of humanity, penury, and
Symbiosis, and, not by the need to hegemonize.

She also has a pair of wings on fire for company,
Continuing to flare in the storm of our ignorance
Her spirit dwells in the sweat and courage of those
Who try and make today better than their yesterday.

Each heart could unbolt its doors and sanctify freedom.
We do not need magic to change the world, for we carry
The power inside us, when we imagine a better world,
Of truly free people who bear the load of the less free.

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Archana Kaul

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Experienced researcher and freelance writer, who has written articles for newspapers on various subjects. An articulate teacher, with experience of teaching students of History B.A. (Honours). Possess communication and analytical skills that helped while working (teaching dance and theatre) with young children in the voluntary sector. Running a Non Profit Organisation in East Delhi, Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha
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Viswas Menon

nice poem

Editorial Board

@archana_kaul Congratulations for your winning entry under the Long Poem Category in the Freedom Fest Campaign! A poignant piece of verse which will touch an emotional chord in the heart of not only every Indian but every citizen of every nation which has fought for its freedom. The poem captures the hope, the pathos and the faith that liberty is that which each one of us needs to hold aloft. A heartfelt rendition of our times and travails, this one stands tall and free!

Savi Mani

Dear Archana @Archana_Kaul i have to be honest with you that i didnt read your poem earlier. Let me first congratulate you on your wonderful winning entry, Heartiest congratulations!
Congratulations on a very thought provoking poem, very wonderfully written the particular lines which touched my heart is “Intolerant of human variances, how can we be free? As we continue to sow, breed and bequeath hatred?” yes how can we be free till such time there is hatred in our heart, we are bound by our own follies..till such time we become a true humane….we can never be free…wonderful poem……..regards


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