Beware Dear Girl Children!

Be ware of those hungry eyes and greedy hands
of the neighboring uncles, distant brothers, teachers and unknown grandpas!!

Your innocent hearts do not know
the secret pleasures of these seeming elders in respectable guise.
Their dark desire coils feverishly
Under their cunning vile smiles.

Be aware when their fingers run on your little mouth
and pinch your cheek and
when they try to pinch your underlip.

Keep them at arms length and
Move away
when they invite you onto their laps
or try to press you by force to their bodies!

Be alert when their greedy hands try to
run on your bodies moving to corners and unwanted spots!

Dear Ramya, Rijwana, and Rachel,
Keep yourselves away and
Be aware that all men are not like your caring father!

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Dr. Vijay Koganti

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Dr.Vijay Koganti has been publishing poetry in English and Telugu for a long time. Apart from being a poet, Dr.Vijay is a short story writer and a critic.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Every child must be made aware of these concerns in an age appropriate manner.


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