Fallen Men

Fallen Men short poem

Fallen men
the perpetrators of unspeakable crimes
are doomed to suffer in silence
behind the bars of infinity
even as fate creates a mirage
of redemption
they are fooled to believe
that they can embody a mortal
lead a full life

They are on a solitary walk
on the planes from the hell fire
They are captives of time
awaiting yet another whiplash
to be struck on their burdened backs

Denied the warmth of flesh
all worldly pleasures
the beauty in the painting of words
the revelations in a piece of poetry
the harmony in music and nature
they walk on
their souls hollow

They are condemned men
their cries will be unheard
every good conduct
is only a payback

The underworld has released them
with a purpose in mind
that they endure the agony
of earthly beings

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3 Comments on "Fallen Men"

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Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP @wanderingsoul, we would love to read more from you so please keep writing.

Chandrama Deshmukh

‘every good conduct
is only a payback’

Such a powerful thought.
What an intense verse @wanderingsoul

Ramapriya Nr

nice thoughts


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