Peace Please

Truth is I’m just another woman forced to face
The crime of a close friend
Truth is where I come from everything is allowed except peace
From hookers and hoes to junkies and crack babies
From victims turned murderers
To murderers turned victims
Everything is allowed except peace
Truth is even though I call this home
I never thought it would hit so close to home
Making me just another woman forced to face
Truth is the three of us born on this block raised on this block together
The both of them and me
My best friends, my brothers
shy guy and fly guy
Even then in these streets everything was allowed except for peace
Two beautiful intellectual individuals
That consider one another brother
Are gone from me because everything was allowed except for peace
Just another lost soul lying cold in the gutter would claim one
For the other public enemy number one
Forcing me to face a crime of a close friend
And the trial of his convicted felon
A solemn and confused face acknowledges me
With hopes that a part of me still cared
The one That Fly guy and I proclaimed as brother
Now was a murderer of his brother
Fly guy Lost his life over Jealous money, wrongful battles and schemes
Shy guy lost 20yrs to life over drug money, other people’s tale to tale lies, that led to battles and schemes
I lost them both
the worlds scenes of those we let slip through the seams
Peace was never allowed
But all I can scream is peace
‘Please embrace peace’ aloud
Out loud
For god’s sake no matter fact for ya babies sake for ya baby’s babies sake
Allow it
Truth is where I come from
They ain’t tryin to hear it
Because through these streets everything is said out loud
Anything is accepted even the wild
But for the place I call home, peace was never allowed

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A fine soulful piece with perfect cadence ! Sometimes heart-wrenching !



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