Brief Case

Brief Case ode

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Cleaned once again, my small, ash-color, brief case,
That I used to take with me, on all my voyages.
Ash, I liked not, but happened to be the one, I had,
As none else, so small and compact, for my choice, in shop.
I liked no bigger or heavier baggage, anywhere,
Beyond my little dreams, to travel, like a free bird,
With a very inevitable, light heart, for a day or two.

No planning, no styles preferred, day or night,
Season or weather, just feel to move and moved,
Not thinking on departure or arrival,
Where to live, who would receive, when to return,
And what about food and clothing;
Nothing in my mind; just starting
On an impulse, across the rural scenes, in a train .

Not informed, relatives or friends,
As, none of them I stay with, but a lodge.
Just near the station, convenient to catch,
Next train, to return as I feel, even before
Completing the mission, if needed.
Missing anything, necessary files, napkins,
Paste and brush, and even a shirt, in return.

I am like that, bored of living alone, in luxuries,
The waste, mere waste of money, I felt,
Asking myself, what is money for? that I know not.
I lost something or other, in every journey, feeling
In vain, most of my trips, not on the basis of earning,
But on satisfaction, the contentment, the very soul,
Lost, lost the very interest on travel, unlike as I was.

But now, only now, the first time in my life,
Am preparing for a voyage, remembering
And checking everything, I need to do,
To accomplish my stay here and to return,
So happily, finishing all my duties and responsibilities,
Ticking one by one, from the brief case, not to take,
But to give away for my kids, as their toys, to play.

This box, my heart, with a laptop, sounding pips
And flickering, the metaphysics, I enjoyed;
The totality of all what I have had in this nature,
Locking the time-pass games, as no time to kill,
But to fill the never-ending streams, the supreme bliss,
That too, my heart, given away, for my kids to open up
Their games, as they like and enjoy, as if, I did once.

“Grandpa, where to, leaving this ‘box’ and ‘Lap’ here?”
Smiled myself upon small kids, listening their innocence;
‘Where and when’, these questions, I never asked so far,
But the new generation, making things more clear,
They have their means and ends, that I never cared,
No vision or mission, just traveled, as per the orders
And mails of someone, passed on to me, somehow.

Stopped all the orders, questions and answers, now,
Getting ready for a voyage, preparing myself, not forgetting
To take out all from brief case, and leave it here, one by one..
‘Don’t need brush and paste too?’ kids laughed at
My grey thoughts, the ash box, a better feel, at this end,
A small dramatic show, switching off just one light, unnoticed,
Paying all other lights, to go on illumine well, as it was.

The little one sat in my brief case, as if in a boat
And the elders pulled him over the floor,
They laughed and enjoyed, their boat journey,
In my brief case-vessel, and I too dissolved,
Floating along with them, the very elegant
And exotic free journey, I ever had, with no aim of
A railway station or lodging, just spilling in rapture….

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CP RAJASEKHARANBorn, in an Indian village, as the son of Purushothaman Nair & Parukutty Amma of Ernakulam dist. of Kerala state. Completed school education from the Govt. LP School, Nanthiattukunnam, Govt. High School, and SNV. Sanskrit High School, North Parur. Then graduated from the Government Sanskrit College, and did the post graduation from the University College, Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala University. Later received an additional degree in Education from the Govt.Training College, Thrissur of Calicut University.Associated with the Gandhian ideology and the Sarvodaya Movement ( prosperity and welfare for all ) of Gandhi Peace Foundation; and was elected as the leader of the children’s group, in the village, at the age of 13; and started participating in social activities from the very early age of child hood.Elected as the school leader, while studying in the 10th class of SNV Sanskrit High School. Started working with student union and elected as the magazine editor, arts club secretary, general secretary and chairman of the college union continuously in the college election of Govt. Sanskrit College Thiruvananthapuram, getting an opportunity to have active participation in the literary and social platforms of the student community, and attended student-teacher inter actions with the authorities and educational institutions throughout the college life. Staged the first play, at the age of five and started acting as a child artist in famous plays presented by the professional theaters of the state. Started writing scripts for amateur children’s theater groups at the young age itself, associating with various theater groups in schools, colleges and in the local arts-clubs and started publishing stories and poems in school-college magazines and local publications. The whole college life was spent experimenting with plays in the open theater forums, along with the professional actors and theater activists of the State, along with the literary and social activities, as a best student, an all-rounder. The Sanskrit education tempted to get closer with world classics and the college education in Trivandrum was an opportunity to have association with reputed professors and famous writers, who inspired reading books of great writers of the literary world ; it was from the college life, that the flavor of literature was noticed by the professors and was encouraged in that line. Also elected as the president of the Youth wing of Gandhi Peace Foundation of Gandhi Smarak, Thiruvananthapuram while studying for post graduation, that gave space and time to work for the poor and needy at a young age itself. Started the career as a teacher, in Kozhikode Sanskrit Vidya Peeth, Kallai Ganapath High School and Mavoor Rayon’s High School, teaching Sanskrit language and literature, and Indian philosophy; And started speaking on philosophy, aesthetics, and other social subjects, as an orator, all over the state. Studied English literature, philosophy, and psychology, in the mean time, by own effort, and took an additional Post graduate diploma in psychological counseling from the Kerala university to support the Radio - TV counseling programs. Conducting child, adult and family counseling, for the last 20 years, apart from the official assignments, working extra time, to uplift the mental faculty of the young people to get them motivated and to bring back them to the normal life by giving motivation therapy and psycho therapy, as a charitable free service, associating with hospitals and educational institutions and social organizations all over the State. One mobile phone is fully dedicated for public service and made accessible to all who need free help or advice or counseling of any sort ; and the very needy and poor who need personal help are treated and served at home. Started rescuing and rehabilitating, isolated and neglected children at home, giving confidence and living environment.Joined All India Radio with a career in electronic media and worked for Radio & TV, in various capacities from the post of Program announcer to the post of director of Radio & TV, serving 35 years, covering almost all states of India, winning national and international reputation in scripting directing and producing Radio & TV programs. Joining with radio profession, compelled to write and do productions with innovative ideas that could capture the listeners’ appreciation, as radio was the only entertaining media, then, reaching every home; And the first full-fledged, perfect play, '' Homam '' (The Oblation’ ) was broadcast, receiving much appreciation and then followed the broadcast and publication of a lot of creative works. Writing poetry, lyrics, musical features, documentaries and plays, became a part of the job and then the creative writing was flourished by publishing articles, columns, poems, stories and plays in various newspapers from 1976 onwards. The first book, (Three Old Men) published in 1986, on the old-age agony, received the Literary Academy Award of the State, and followed by other awards and reputation, as a well-established dramatist and poet. Received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award, Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy Award, State Television Award, Akasvani National awards (10 times) Best Public Service Broadcaster Award of India, and International Radio Nomination from Iran etc.. After retiring from AIR, invited bi the Indira Gandhi National Open University to be the Station Head of its Broadcasting wing for 5 years and then served as the Editor of a Malayalam News paper, ''Suprabhatham'', for one year. Presently working for the Sangeet Natak Academi, Delhi, as the Tagore National Scholar, preparing a unique Encyclopedia on the performing arts of India, under the Tagore National Fellowship scheme.
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