Our Life

Our Life short poem


These long forgotten heroes forfeit homes
Recall their glory while salvation roams
They fight in vain get nothing in return
Our life is smoking, their’s just slowly burn
Remember watching freedom’s wondrous stand
But never spare a dime for empty hand

Those last traumatic moments courage won
Review the sorrow with destruction done
Their claim to fame was something left behind
Our life so solid, their’s no easy find
To witness horror, vicious sneak attacks
One soldier’s needs to only turn our backs

These lone symbolic figures fall apart
Recant that promise from ungrateful heart
The time they served was somehow not enough
Our life flows smoothly, their’s just callous rough
Remember heroes starting with today
Restore their honor, justice we repay.

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John Crothers

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Basically just started writing poetry and fell in love with it. I am always looking for improvement and since starting my style has changed dramatically.
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