Endless Story Of A Shadow Fleeing

The street lamp validated it.
I’m single, sui generis, without partner, lost entirely in self.
East, up the street, no shadow cast.
Turning this way and that a black specter, once sewn to my heel, deserted me.
Under the lamp, a diminutive, hollower man stood

Partnered all these years, and suddenly it goes AWOL,
Not so much as a note left behind on the kitchen table.
Took off on a vacation to Tahiti with Gauguin, I suppose,
Hopped aboard a freighter and left behind a husk
To be blown by the next wind into a county full of darkness
casting no shadows.

Evanescent waif without ground anchor,
Without a marching companion to match step-for-step.
No gargantuan, liquid black man to partner on vacant ambulations.
Only a straw man left in his Earth shoes slinking to nowhere
in desperate search.

Greater problems to be borne at the feet of bifurcated beings
Afloat on a sea of Lethe, a half-man wind whistles through
wispy, endless story, of a shadow fleeing.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

On the myriad cosmic ‘air’ currents of the infinite universe, we drift along to the stars and beyond.


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