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Hope gives meaning to my life.
It enlightens my mind and energizes my soul.
Hope is my friend, my savior, my guide.
It teaches me how to live life.
I have touched the sky of success with it,
Hope has bounced me back when I fell deep in valley of darkness and dismay.
What not can I write about it, What not can I say about it !!
It has made me live my life ‘Once More’ that ‘n’ number of times,
Made me feel like a child at heart who sees joy, happiness and positivity in every situation.
It made me relive every moment with its ‘Magic’.
Hope is the reason I smile, I breathe, I live.
It helps me to believe in myself and in the unforeseen future.
It drives my emotions on a high and make me forget everything – but to live in the moment.
It says… Emma … Never lose Hope … You never know what tomorrow may bring !!!

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Never lose Hope... You never know what tomorrow may bring...
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6 Comments on "Hope"

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nice one .

Nadeem Qazilbash

Amazing words, suggesting hope as the cure of all worries, the audacity of hope. Inspiring.

Savi Mani

Dear @Emma a wonderful poem yes hope is our best friend and it is said as long as even the last breath of life is left hope is there……a wonderful use of beautiful words woven into a wonderful poem………very beautifully and artistically written………loved it………and I hope to get more and more poems from you dear


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