The Oak

The Oak short poem

Sitting by the window today,
I aspired for the farthest reach,
Of the oak that has been planted just beside my window sill.
I hoped it would grow to the limits of the sky,
And I would be boasting of it,
And you would say,
“Ah, that’s wonderful!”

Just then , the rain began.
With a splendid pitter-patter on my window pane.
The droplets fell on my small tree,
Refreshing it; thus, it was on a graceful spree.
My aspirations voluminously increased.
I hoped it would grow like a guardian to all the children around.
And I would be boasting again,
And you would say,
“Ah…that’s wonderful!”

Then came the brilliant sunshine!
Caressing the locks of hair through the window pane.
I was revelling in it, in joy;and it went on.
When I looked again, at that oak of mine-
The leaves were scorched;
They were panting for breath.
It was pathetic sight,the eyes became sore.
They drooped down by the end of the day,
Crashing,thus, all my hopes of the Farthest Reach.

“Where are you?” I asked.
“Why didn’t you warn me of this fate?”
You withdrew your hand,
And slowly replied,
“Because you were too busy knitting dreams; you never asked me about the actions!”
And then I realized,
Even if the glaring sun had spared my oak,
The Fall would have withered it away,
Leaving me and my heart, in a melancholic sway…

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I am student and my passions are ever directed towards the literary front. I love rhymes and do not love them,too! I want people to derive joy from all kinds of rhymes as well as free verse... hence, I write in both... Hope you'll enjoy these pieces of absurdities!
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Editorial Board

Alluring verse @mekhala-chattopadhyay, beautiful images and a worthwhile message conveyed with such cadence and conviction

Chandrama Deshmukh

What a nature ride through beauty and what a powerful conclusion.
@mekhala-chattopadhyay this is wonderful. Simply wonderful.


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