The Paradoxes

The Paradoxes short poem

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Have you ever felt sorrows merging with smiles
In a colorful handkerchief…
When tears mingle with wrinkles and you laugh aloud waters streaming your eyes?

Have you ever seen agonies blending with pleasures
In a swanky space …
When all pains jumble with the joys and you can’t pinpoint one from the other?

Have you ever heard relief tying hands with anguish
In a pond full of ducks…
When all lies get entwined with truths and you aren’t able to side with any?

Have you ever touched comfort along with hardships
In a dark forest camp…
When sweet tenderness accompanies adversities and you can’t forgo one for the other?

Have you ever tried to pack laughter with gloom
In a spacious travel bag…
When the dams of tolerance overflow with hope and you can’t swim in the right direction?

Have you ever tried to choose one side of a coin
In a swirling fountain…
When rays of light pave the way through darkness and you don’t see unless you squint?

Life’s paradoxes slowly sketch an era leading to another
Like the last autumn leaf waves at the imminent winter

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Nadeem Qazilbash

A little honesty, a little deceit. Oh, us humans…