The Fallen Leaf

The Fallen Leaf short poem

The storm has come.
Look there! It’s on the prowl.
It will try to waste me;
Transferring me from one place to another;
Terminating all thoughts of hope, in my soul.
The wrinkles, on my face, did smother.

People tread on me,just indignantly.
That wretched tree has shed me, long long back.
I weep at the corner silently;
While again comes the storm, snatching the only corner.
I am still living, still breathing, amongst this dead shack.
I aspire for that self-the one which was my former.

That magnanimous giant is rejuvenated;
The freshness is dripping like the morning dew;
It is as if it had just mated.
Only one work remains-All around I hover.
Because to me, like a traitor, it slew.
Look at the grace dominant all over!

Beware, yet, you ungrateful tree!
Like a phoenix I will rise once again.
I will again be on a graceful spree.
The storm itself will raise me high,
High above all, high over you.
And reach the infinite limits of the sky,
Surpassing the Mighty You!

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I am student and my passions are ever directed towards the literary front. I love rhymes and do not love them,too! I want people to derive joy from all kinds of rhymes as well as free verse... hence, I write in both... Hope you'll enjoy these pieces of absurdities!
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Is it just The Fallen Leaf that your verse talks about or is it about the choices we can make in life about how we view our plight…Enigmatic writing @mekhala-chattopadhyay!


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